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Self Awareness Coaching
Couples Counselling
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“The beauty of human experience lies in the art of understanding yourself and to be able to differentiate between who you really are and what your environment conditions you to be”

Services Offered

Join hands with me for a better life! To manage discomfort in your life and bring in contentment, make the most of the trail of services that I have to offer. Hit the “Learn More” button to get acquainted with what I have in store for you.
Online Counseling
Need a hand to dodge the negatives? You got it.

Allow the counseling sessions to become a part of you to hop off the gloominess and get on the train of acceptance and happiness.

Couples Therapy
Let the rainbow surface after a chaotic downpour.

Make peace with your partner for a healthy life together ahead. Let therapy assist you to get through it all.

Well-being Coaching
The coach to your rescue.

Let me coach you to embrace the challenges thrown at you, gain back your spotlight and step into a self-esteemed life.

Learning & Development
Let your mental health sink in.

Offering full & half-day training, along with workshops for Mental Health and consultations for corporations & educational institutions.

Questions patients ask

Frequent Questions

Do you still have a list of questions juggling inside your head? Well, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Scroll down to our compiled list of Frequently Asked Questions to know your answers!

How do I know if I need counseling/therapy?

When things in your mind that were once crystal clear start to blur out, uneasiness kicks in and you enter a phase of self-doubt, counseling sessions could become your best bet and teleport your mind to self-awareness. You can have your friends, family or colleagues push you to seek counseling after noticing an uncertainty in your behavior that was uncalled for.

What issues can counseling help with?

Counseling is a self-relieving practice to revamp your mental health. All kinds of mental disorders, be it major or minor, come under the wide umbrella of what therapy can help you with. A few of these are listed below:

  • Anxiety and depression including panic attacks, Agoraphobia, suicidal thoughts, low self-esteem, social anxiety, claustrophobia and generalized anxiety disorder.
  • Professional life issues such as stress.
  • Relationship problems involving unexpected declines, breakups, loneliness, arguments, jealousy and pre and post-marital problems.
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.
  • Substance abuse and unwanted addiction.

These or some other feelings of discomfort or you might even have no major issue at all and are just looking to lose the uneasiness within you by confidentially letting things out, counseling is still your way to go!

For couple’s therapy, do we have to attend all the sessions together?

Dispute between couples is believed to subside via talking their issues out. So yeah, both the partners will be expected to attend the sessions together. However, if due to any emergency one of the partners couldn’t be there, the counselor could meet the available partner. This conversation will then be discussed with the other partner who couldn’t make it to the earlier counseling session.

I, sometimes, take individual sessions too to get familiarized with the emotional baggage of the clients. However, the plan is to solve those issues and bring the couple back together.

Nowadays, therapists also agree to meet with the couples online on Zoom, WhatsApp or Skype, in which case you will be able to communicate your issues better without having to show up at the clinic.

What is the difference among a psychiatrist, psychotherapist and a psychologist?

Psychiatrists are qualified doctors who are eligible to prescribe medicines and diagnose mental disorders; while, psychologists are more leaned towards mental health diagnosis and therapy and do not prescribe any medication. Psychotherapists are majorly trained in taking one on one and group sessions with the clients using different modalities including psychotherapy, art and play and body movement. They will preferably collaborate with a psychiatrist to extend any help regarding a chronic mental health issue.

What are the benefits of group therapy?

Group therapy sweeps off the idea of loneliness from your mind. Your thoughts and behavior that you once considered deviant resonate with the other members of the group telling you that you’re not alone in this. You are able to practice your skills and receive constructive criticism from your fellows. Seeing the world from their eyes revamps your skills and alters your perceptions about life.

To know more about the pros of group therapy, click here.

Will my counseling sessions be confidential?

Confidentiality is the base of any therapy that you take. However, there are certain limits to it. For example, the code can be broken if you’re at a risk of harming yourself or some other person.

How do I know which counseling approach suits me the best?

The list of therapeutic approaches is never-ending. It includes psychodynamic psychotherapy, humanistic counseling (also known as ‘person-centered), Cognitive Analytics (CAT), existential therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). In addition to these, certain post-modern approaches such as Emotional Focused Therapy and Narrative Therapy are also available.

But don’t get all worked up. You don’t necessarily have to choose among these in one go. You can have an assessment session with the therapist prior to the counseling that suits you the best. They’ll guide you through the process. Moreover, an integrative therapist, who has expertise in multiple approaches, can work their magic to obtain the best result out of therapy for you.

My partner, friend or family member really needs therapy. Can I refer someone for counseling?

You might be a well-wisher of your friend, family or partner but you must know that in these cases, consent is very important. If you think counseling is their way to go, talk to them politely into consulting a therapist. Tell them that you care while staying as calm as possible. Do not pressurize them but leave it up to them to make an informed decision after you’ve done your part.

Know that, you can let the therapist know the background of the client on their behalf but you must have their full consent.

“As you start to walk on the way, the way appears” ~ Rumi
What others say about me

Endorsements & Testimonials

Sohail is one of the most grounded and humble therapists I have ever had the pleasure of working alongside. His empathetic, compassionate and often playful demeanor makes Sohail the perfect peer to coverse in a genuine way and I find myself constantly walking away from our conversations enlightened. I will always recommend Sohail as not only a counsellor, but as a colleague and friend as well.

Stephanie James, Detox Coordinator at Goldfields Rehabilitation Services Inc

Sohail Kaswani is a very grounding counselor who enables the client to open up and find their true potential. He at the same time is an amazing speaker to create the awareness of mental health and gives relevant and relatable examples which help the audience to find their tools.

Sonal Dhanani, Founder Parindey

I have seen Sohail Kaswani evolve from his first placement as a trainee counsellor at the Centre of inclusive care to his current role as a counselor and a clinical coordinator at Goldfields Rehab Inc. He is a practitioner who is equally committed to his self-growth as he is to his work.

Aysha Jamal, Director of Centre of Inclusive Care

Sohail is an experienced Counsellor with the ability to actively listen. He has a real understanding of verbal and non-verbal information, conveying unconditional positive regard. His warmth and genuineness create a safe platform to enable clients to explore their thoughts, feelings and behaviours

Ron McComiskie, Accredited Social Worker 

My time with Kaswani during therapy was by far one the most eye-opening and self-reflective experiences ever. At a time where I felt lost and conflicted, he helped set a path and guided me every step of the way. I trust his judgement and skill in his field as he proved to be a very kind and understanding person, fully capable of helping his clients.

Anonymous Client

I’ve been wanting to goto therapy for years now , but was too scared to let go of everything inside me , but I’m glad to have Sohail as my therapist . I see myself channeling my thoughts better and thinking more positively, without having to worry about my confidentiality being breached .

Anonymous Client

The tricky thing about therapy is that there are never any quick fixes or instantaneous results. Healing is a slow and profound process that requires a relationship of trust, understanding and empathy between therapist and client. When a therapist presents superficial empathy and a detached demeanour, therapy isn’t always effective and it is usually difficult to convey that it isn’t working anymore. Sohail Kaswani is someone you can be honest with. He will remain open-minded and tailor his strategies as long as his client begins to benefit from it. His smile is genuine and infectious and it puts a client at ease instantly. It makes one want to foster a long term professional relationship, which in turn is the kind of tenure needed to heal. With Sohail Kaswani, the excavation process is extremely painful but the end result is miraculous. If you hold fast to the standard operative procedures of being counselled – that’s a very big ‘if’ for many – I promise you, you will witness yourself evolve with Sohail by your side.

Anonymous Client

In times of distress, a therapist has a very important role to play. Sohail has been that therapist for me. With his pleasant, gentle and friendly attitude he made me feel very comfortable in talking to him. I was going through a lot of confusion in my mind, that he helped me solve in a very subtle way. He made me feel at ease at my pace. In a very short period of time, I began feeling in control of my thoughts. He challenged me in an effortless manner to evaluate my own-self, embrace my reality and gradually let go of my fears. Talking to him certainly helped me in the most liberating ways!

Anonymous Client

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