Myths and realities about Mental Health

Myths and realities about Mental Health

It’s safe to say that the society that we live in today has a knack for letting the negativity prevail and sweep the real problems right under the rug. However, those problems have gradually started to emerge and win the spotlight it always deserved. One of those problems relates your mental health issues and this is what this article will majorly address.

In most households, you’ll find the stigma about mental health yet ingrained so deeply into their minds that it’s almost next to impossible to bring even a tiny amount of it to surface. You can have a fever and you’ll be allowed to take a day or two off. But when it comes to your mental health, you’ll hardly have your boss go easy on you, let alone acknowledge your deteriorating mental health.

Let’s go on a fixing-mental-health spree!

The most crucial action that precedes every fixing-process is acknowledgement. If you don’t acknowledge that there’s something in dire need to be fixed, you’ll never be able to devise a plan to make amendments.

You must know, for a fact, that mental health is as important as your physical health. In fact, it’s more important in some cases. It needs constant attention and time to heal. Unlike physical health, it’s not always the medicines that help. At times, it needs outside help to begin the process of healing. It seeks that one push that could get the engine started; the engine that, if kept running, could readily fix the unwanted knots crumbling inside your head

Mental health is as important as physical health-maybe even more!

The unwanted stress you take, the troubling depression stuffed in your head and the never-ending feeling of anxiety, if not dealt with, could constantly give you a hard time figuring things out in your life.

The stress, at times, is bearable and barely ever occurs but when it exceeds the limit, you’re advised to see someone about it. Maybe someone close to you or even better, a psychotherapist?

You see, the myth that has prevailed with time about tagging the therapy patients as crazy or disabled will gradually omit. It won’t vanish in a second. However, your mental health will not wait for it to end. The behavior that follows as a result of your constant anxiety might have people around you judge you so you might as well try figuring it out (hint: see a therapist) and then let people judge you?

Trust me, I’ve been on the other side of the chair, it surely does help.

Let’s all vow to shatter the stigma about mental health and start giving it the treatment it deserves!

Mental health also affects your physical health and vice versa. However, in our society, going to a doctor to fix your physical issues does not equate to visiting a psychotherapist. This needs to be put an end to, in order to let healthy lives prevail.

To make amendments, there needs to be a starting point. If you see no one else marking one, maybe this one time you take the lead?

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