Story over substance

Story over substance

If the world begins to believe what solely appears on the surface and fails to dig deeper into the problem, the amount of everyday mysterious, and quite significant, discoveries will face a massive fall. If a doctor only covers a bullet hole with a bandage without operating the body to take a better look at the injury, the patient will never be healed.

Just as we don’t expect these small yet major discoveries and internal injuries to be rendered unveiled, one must deal with addiction and drug abuse in the similar manner. A person does not bring harm to their body with no motive behind compelling them to do so. There’s always more to it than meets the eye.

A very common answer to drug addiction is the relief from stress, anxiety, sexual assault, neglect, depression and self-deprecating thoughts. That’s where the story lies; the story that needs to be touched to help the survivor move away from addiction and lead a better life. It is imperative that we understand addiction as a maladaptive coping mechanism; one that keeps the person going amidst the ocean of endless resistance.

Know that, it is very human to own maladaptive coping mechanisms to fight the thoughts that tangle your mind and keep you from thinking straight. People unknowingly cling to what distracts them from real life and turn to it when they witness the uninvited, destructive thoughts taking over their mind. For some, it is excessive gaming and gyming, for others, it may be workaholism, watching porn or retail therapy. While people call it therapy, I count it as a kind of addiction that distracts you from reality. If the check out cart untangles your mind and brings you the puff of satisfaction that you long for, it is definitely an addiction.

What needs to stop is degrading the addicts. It is very normal to turn to what makes you happy and keeps you distracted. However, in the long run, these maladaptive coping mechanisms could bring you harm.

When you begin to submit yourself to drugs, you practically hand them the tools to destruct your very being and pull you away from reality. And when, for some reason, those addictions aren’t available to you; you are teleported to the world of reality and ostensibly, disruption that you were constantly ignoring for so long. When this assimilated bag of reality hits you, the damage is way bigger than you could have ever anticipated. Therefore, start to face it while you can. Take it immensely slow, sure. But do not make attempts to push it to the back of your mind and ignore it. Know that, it’s all going to come back to you one day. So why not deal with it piece by piece and retain your calm?

I, an online therapist, will help you work through your addictions and fight the bothersome thoughts that are constantly wiggling in your head. Come to me and we will deal with them together. With my support and your dedication, we will try to lower your need for a maladaptive coping mechanism; because that’s how drug addiction must be dealt with. The societal stigma of looking down upon the drug addicts must be shattered and every individual subject to it must be assisted into coming out of it rather than being judged in disdain.

If we, as a society, begin to deal with drug addicts as humans who are only seeking help and extend our hand towards them to help them get back on their feet, half the problems will cease to expand or better yet, exist just like that.

Sit back, relax and think about it.

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