Magician or a Therapist – It might not be what you are looking for

Magician or a Therapist – It might not be what you are looking for

On the road to repel your problems away and turn to the path of peace, you may face a bit of bump and cracks along the way. Since you’re in the driver’s seat of your life, making decisions and choosing the right route to your destination will be all on you. A few obstacles will come with warnings, the rest might arrive unannounced. The best way to cope is to always expect hindrance because let’s face it, what is life without disruption? There will also come certain points where it will appear impossible to get to the other side, but powering through will always help.

Letting your feelings out and unloading the burden of pain within you is the hardest yet first step to attaining peace. A therapist might assist you through the process only if you let them. Know that the process may test your patience, but the destination you reach will be every bit worth it. While you make an attempt to move the stirring wheel, I will sit right next to you for navigation. However, the lead is still yours; the decision is still yours to make. It’s imperative that every path is obstructed, just as the road to peace.

So if you’re expecting a smooth ride, you’re deluding yourself into believing the impossible. Just as a road isn’t a road without fiction, your life isn’t life without disruption. I am a therapist; I can become your navigator. I am not a magician: I cannot take make the road any smoother. I can merely make things easy for you via navigation. While we sit here and build a new path for you to reach peace, you must remember that you are an experienced driver. Your age is not merely a number; it’s the digit that depicts your experience with life.

So, trust yourself; trust the decisions you make either independently or working alongside me. Even when I’m aware of the solutions to your problem, I’ll let you reach them at your own pace and take full credit. This is because it’s your life and you must possess as much control over your journey as you can. The last thing we want is you thinking that I am some magician who has solved your problems for you. The path you’re on will have you encounter multiple speed-bumps; some too small to be noticed, some too huge to get past.

However, if you reframe the way you look at them, your journey will utterly accelerate and end in peace. Even if you pass a hardly visible bump, consider it an achievement as grand as anything. This puff of progress will trigger the ability in you to tackle the bigger bumps on your path. Just as a road, life also bears continuous bumps and grooves.

Some days are so happy that you never want them to end, and some are so upsetting that you can’t wait for them to end. However, time doesn’t stop for anyone. Live every happy day, every accomplishment, no matter the size, to your fullest because it’ll end sometime. On your sad days, make sure to extract a takeaway, learn from your past, and don’t allow it to get the best of you. Just know that it’ll also end sometime. So, if you are looking for a therapist and not a magician, I am happy to accompany you on the journey of deeper awareness. Trust me, you got this!!

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