About Reframing Perspectives

Your perception decides your reality!

Perception is your way of looking at the world. We’re all free to have our perceptions about different things and situations. However, what must be kept in mind is the fact that your perceptions translate to your reality.

Instead of molding our mindsets into thinking, “why am I always encountered with challenges” or “what’s wrong with my life?” we must shift our focus towards “oh, this might have happened for a reason,” “maybe this has something good in store for me.”

When we shower our minds with negativity, it becomes conditioned to think pessimistically. Negativity turns more believable. You see, what has happened cannot be altered, but the way we see it can most definitely be changed. So, why not make our life better by making an attempt to change our perspectives?

A hue on your spectacles!

You wake one day, and as usual, you put on your glasses. You notice a small patch of shade on it. You don’t clean it. Instead, you adapt yourself to the change. Now, whatever you see is added a blue hue to. The way you looked at the world back then seems blurry to you now. This is because you’ve adjusted your sight into seeing the world with an added blue shade. You like it better, and you continue to wear your spectacles with the hue of blue on it.

You see, when you change the way you look at the world, your reality takes a shift into positivity. Your emotions that once flaunted rage, stress, dismal, and agony gradually starts to fade out. The seeds of your perception that you once sowed give rise to a whole new and modified plant of reality, adding a pinch of stability to your mental health.

Change what you can

Reframing carves a new way for you to reach a positive destination. It does not translate to disregarding the circumstances but creating a new way to perceive them. You see, the way our circumstances and outcomes of a certain event shape are not in our hands. What’s under our control is how and what we decide to make of it. So, how about we try modifying what can be modified? We try altering what can be altered? Yes, our perspectives.

At my therapy sessions, coaching, or training, we’ll together figure out and shed light on other ways that one event in your life can be perceived. You’ll know how to tackle the negativity in your life just by shifting to a new perspective.

If you’re seeking to discover a new way to look at things, let therapy facilitate you and fuel up your will to look at things differently and positively.

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