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I’m trained to ease things upon you and make your mind a better place to live with

If you don’t come to terms with the knots in your head, it’s going to get difficult for you to thrive by the day. Let me help you pick up the needle and unravel the thread that’s been keeping your inner peace to surface

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Hey, everyone! I’m Sohail Kaswani, a foreign qualified integrative therapist and trainer. I hold a degree of Masters in Counseling from Murdoch University, Western Australia, and have worked in multiple organizations over time. These include Caladenia Counselling Clinic, Holyaoke, Goldfield Rehabilitation Services, Centre of Inclusive Care (CIC), and Family Educational Services Foundation. I’m currently a full-time counselor at the Goldfield Rehabilitation Services Inc. in Kalgoorlie, Australia.

My client circle covers a diversified range of people from different areas and age brackets, which has culturally concretized my expertise in integrative psychotherapy. I’ve had the privilege of listening to a bunch of different stories and finding a pattern that leads us, humans, to suffer. Over time, I’ve learned and gotten better at dealing with people facing social anxiety, general anxiety, depression, stress, relationship issues, drug addiction issues, visual and auditory hallucinations, self-esteem issues, and childhood trauma regardless of their cultural and social backgrounds.

I’ve had the privilege of being coached by some of the eminent personalities in the field, including Jan Mojsa,  Chris Darmody, Micheal Soth, Margaret Sealey, Gaston Antezana, Di Gammage, and Philip Ryan. I’ve also had Anita Florijn, Aysha Jamall, and Aesha Arif as my mentors who have helped me get where I am right now.

I’m a Pakistani, and I intend to shatter the societal stigma about mental health and extend my help to those struggling with decelerating mental health in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad.

My sessions are devoid of any confinements!

I have had vast experience with every age bracket, various cultural backgrounds, and ethnicities. I tend to cater to every individual from a teen to an adult regardless of their sexual orientation and cast.

It all starts with you!

If you have stepped into the boat to get to the other side that depicts mental stability, it’s my job to persistently row and make sure you reach there. We can together alter your pain into positivity. You have just got to make the first move.

I’ve been on the other side of the chair

I’ve been where you are right now. I know it’s scary and looks inescapable. But trust me, you’ll get out of it. All you need is to make constant efforts, no matter what the intensity is. Just cling to hope and let me help you get out of it.

I’ll help you alleviate your elevating stress via the following approaches that I tend to incorporate into my therapy sessions:

1) Person centered:

I’m fully aware of the fact that every human functions differently. My words will be considerate of your needs and perceptions about life and yourself. I will respect you as a person and the experiences you’ve had and stay genuine and open throughout.

2) Trauma informed:

I understand the rigorous impact of trauma on your mental health. Every subsequent decision that you make will be inclusive of what you gained from the trauma. Therefore, I promise to prioritize your emotional and psychological safety before anything else.

3) Compassion focused:

I wholeheartedly promote the quality of compassion towards oneself and other people. I believe it to be the fundamental technique to reach mental and emotional healing. In my counseling session, we’ll learn to magnify this quality and apply it when need be.

I make sure to maintain a friendly, supportive, and non-judgmental atmosphere throughout.

I’ll ask you about your coping mechanisms and help you bring to life new ones by evaluating your habits and lifestyle.

I’ll lend you an ear to let out what’s been bothering you.

We’ll not only focus on the negatives but also learn to translate them into positivity. I understand that everything that you do has an effect on how you feel.

So, I’ll most definitely be considerate of the fact that every little thing matters!
We’ll together come up with solutions to your sleepless nights, overwhelming thoughts, and plummeting mental health.

It’s finally time. Book an appointment with me to lead a mindful life and get rid of the uneasiness that’s been keeping you from climbing the ladder of your life.

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